About September

Dan Driscoll is the president and founder of September Productions and has been working in the film industry for over 30 years filming all over the globe. Along the way many of those efforts have been rewarded with Clio, Emmy, Hatch, Telly, AICP, One Show, New York Festival and Andy awards.

Finn McMissle

Client: Mattel | Agency: Y & R LA

Monster High Suspense

Client: Mattel | Agency: Y & R LA

Polly Race to the Mall

Client: Mattel | Agency: Ogilvy & Mather LA

Barbie Mariposa

Client: Mattel | Agency: Ogilvy & Mather LA

Barbie Peek-A-Boo

Client: Mattel | Agency: Y & R LA

Toy Story RC Racer

Client: Mattel | Agency: Y & R LA


Client: Spalding | Agency: Hill Holiday

Tree House

Client: JJ Nissen | Agency: Creative Design & Marketing

10 Cent Coke

Client: Store 24 | Agency: DiBona Bornstein & Random

Grand Opening

Client: TJ Maxx | Agency: Ingalls

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Wedding Films

September Wedding Films is part of September Productions, a film production company that has been producing films and television commercials for over 30 years. A few years back we were approached to film a major wedding event on Nantucket and loved it so much that we have continued to film select wedding events here on Nantucket and on the west coast in the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco areas, The principles are Dan and Zach Driscoll who love crafting short films that creatively document one of the most special events in a couples lives.

Wood Sail’s Dreams

Client: Shouldered Oar Films

This is a trailer for a documentary that John Stanton, Tom McGlinn and Dan have been working on for three years. Currently it is a work in progress, but the finish is in sight and we hope to screen the full length film soon.

Preserving Nantucket

Client: Nantucket Land Council

This is one of three short films produced for the Land Council to illustrate to the public some of the key roles the Land Council plays in land conservation.

Lynette Shaw

Client: Lynette Shaw

This is a short documentary on the process and art of Lynette Shaw.

Storm Journal

Client: Nantucket Lifesaving Museum & Shouldered Oar Films

Written & Directed by John Stanton. Folks on Nantucket recall the hurricane season of 1991 and the storm that many later called the Perfect Storm, but we simple called it the No Name Storm.